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Bruce Phillips is smart as hell, works hard and moves fast. When I need a focus group done quickly and at a reasonable cost, I call Bruce. Worth every penny I’ve sent him.

~ Mikal C. Watts

Throughout my 24 years as a trial lawyer, I have only conducted expensive mock trials on my large cases. However, recently, on referral from a respected colleague, I decided to hire Bruce for a full day of focus groups. Bruce’s approach was enlightening, and I gained insight into our case that just does not occur with a mock trial.

~ Dan Carvalho

Bruce Phillips pours his heart and soul into the work he does for you and your client. He has a natural sense for what makes people tick. Let him help you tell your client's story in a way that will light up the jurors who ultimately will decide.

~ Carl Bettinger, author of Twelve Heroes, One Voice: Guiding Jurors to Courageous Verdicts

We had a horrific death case that had unique circumstances, of which we were convinced a jury would fall a certain way. Bruce did two separate focus groups for us, and the results we got were, needless to say, extremely informative. We used this information to negotiate a good settlement for our clients.

~ Gregory Gowan

Bruce is a fantastic listener. He is fully present for his focus jurors and builds trust to uncover their personal stories and true feelings. I worked with him through several sessions on a complex case, and every time I learned something new and profound from the focus jurors.

~ Jonathan Simon

Bruce’s work revealed the case issues that truly mattered. We understood our jury, even before we met the venire.

~ Guy L. Watts II

I had a car wreck case with a big challenge: even though my client suffered a clear TBI, the vehicle photos showed hardly any damage. Bruce held two focus groups, and between groups changed the sequence of the same evidence. This was eye-opening. We saw how, just by sequencing, the first group processed the evidence differently than did the second group, and how sequencing influenced their conclusions about the severity of the crash and the injuries suffered.

~ Robert L. Rush

Bruce worked with me and my client on an important case, and the results were nothing short of astonishing. He helped us discover what our case was really about. We found the emotional core of my client’s story and found ways to deal with the issues that scared me most about my case.

~ Christopher McKinney

I worked with Bruce before an important trial and he helped me on my opening statement, our voir dire, and was a source of inspiration and support throughout the trial. We won a significant verdict, and it wouldn’t have happened without his help.

~ Robert W. Schmidt

Bruce’s expertise and keen insight during jury selection, skill at running focus groups, and talent for client preparation has made the difference for me and my clients numerous times.

~ Michael Erskine

Bruce has taken the concept of focus groups and combined it with his years of practical trial experience to be able to truly help the trial team prepare for battle. He is one of us, and that sets him apart.

~ L. Todd Kelly