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The biggest unknown about going to trial is how the jury will respond to your client's story.

Take a peek inside their heads before going to trial with Win Your Jury Focus Groups.

Bruce Phillips is an attorney, trial consultant, and focus group expert – helping trial lawyers win their juries for over 10 years.

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In just one day of our focus group sessions, you will learn …

  • what potential jurors think of your case (HINT: It’s not what you think!)
  • their values, beliefs, and attitudes that subconsciously trigger how they think
  • weaknesses and danger points in the case that you haven’t thought of …
  • how strategic framing and a value-centered story influence their decision-making …
  • the feedback that is critical to trying a winning case.

A Win Your Jury focus group opens a window into the minds of your jurors ...
...what they think of your case, as commanded by how they think.


A trial strategy firm devoted to helping plaintiffs win — with a proven, cutting-edge focus group program that is tailored for your case.

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